How to develop a MINDSET of world’s Top Performers

From Health, Career, Relationships, Love & Richness - Mindset is the only word which creates an impact of around 80% to be on the success side for top performers. Upgrade your life with the right Mindset with this powerful tool of Zen In Me

Why this program?

I can promise one thing for sure. That is after taking up Zen In Me, you will be noticed for your charisma, positivity and an eminent transformation. Your friends will tell you, your spouse will be curious and your circumstances will seem to be amaze you. Because this program is working on your mindset which is much more in your hand. This program is for 90% of us, who want to have complete positive control over their lives. They want to achieve their targets and goals in this life. Most of the time these people give up investing on themselves or invest on certifications which actually do not impact on their mindset, which is the most important thing.

Most of the people think

  • They do not need such mindset development
  • They are not well informed with the importance of a positive and right directed mindset
  • They are not ready to challenge themselves for the better
  • They have a wishful thinking
  • They think big certifications and degrees only can make them successful
  • They are not clear with what success is all about
  • They have no idea what exactly in life they want to have

We don’t blame you. Masses are handicapped with the current education system which is more linear type. Creative thinking and mind development is left with Top achievers only. Others think they can not use more of their mind without even giving it a try

Infact, with Zen in Me, you are going to experience new insights

  1. Explore your innerself and your strengths
  2. You will increase your productivity with simple steps in daily routine
  3. Your focus and attention would be deep
  4. You will engage in creative and forward thinking
  5. You will have 360 degree benefits
  6. You will understand how intelligent you are actually
  7. You will know how to systematically arrange your life areas

Zen In Me Comprises Of A Great Package

  1. Personality Assessment
  2. Meditation
  3. Life coaching
  4. Exercises & practice

Using MACBAK model, Modern Meditation, calculative exercises, scientifically proven methods to work with our thoughts have all made up this program of Zen In Me so joyful, easy and ready to take home. Zen in Me, is a powerful pack based on our MACBAK model. Carefully designed to give you results in all areas of your life by empowering your personality. The program Zen In Me is designed to supercharge your performance both personally and professionally. Because Positive Mindset is powerful that supports you as you climb higher and higher in your quest to expand your potential and contribute back to the world. It is best in itself and better from any other course offered because……

This is not just a course. It is a mega aptitude personal coaching program with 3 follow ups and your personal training audio which makes it 500% better than any other motivational or inspirational talk.

So here is what we found Most of the conventional motivational courses are mere talk. They are one-way lectures. If they are two-way, they are also mere discussions and do not involve your specific problem areas. You will track your own improvement levels and with practice you will also be able to visibly identify your better positive and confident feelings. Most importantly, they do not direct you or coach you to think forward, and search for your solutions abilities

What is Zen In Me?

Have you ever noticed that you are trying your hard to settle in your studies, but something is troubling you? Are you also among those who have difficulties in having a wonderful strong and deeper relationships? Is your career growing the way you think it should touch the sky and at the skyrocket speed? If all or any of the above questions’ reply is Yes, you are missing to work upon the most important aspect of personality building which actually contributes up to 80% of success part. This 80% aspect is the MINDSET.

  • If the mindset is not right, no matter how good grade you score, you might miss opportunities
  • If the mindset is not right, no matter how good you look, you might miss the sensual relationship
  • If the mindset is not right, no matter how big your pay-scale is, you might end up feeling poor
  • If the mindset is not right, no matter how higher your position is in the company, you might be unable to lead
  • If the mindset is not right, no matter how successful multinational company you are working with, you might end up not growing their higher

Zen In Me, has been designed to identify, develop, nourish and then combine your inner mindset, which matters 80% in every success, with your outer world in terms of manifestation. Once, you go through our sessions of coaching and practices, you would be able to overcome many situations and will be able to feel confident and self-dependent. Not only for few months, but with your follow-up sessions, you will be able to comprehend how the whole system works and penetrates in your normal daily routine, so you do not have to put extra work. Habits and behaviors actually change with Zen In Me.

Why Zen In Me Is Right For You?

Many of us are underperforming just because we are not giving ourselves a treat equally for inside of us, as we do for our outside.

  • We groom our hair, but not our minds.
  • We gym our bodies but not our thoughts
  • We dress up branded, but not brand our character
  • We beautify our looks, but not our presence
  • We wear strong branded fragrances, but not fragrance our souls
  • We grab all the information happening around the world, but do not upgrade our emotional intelligence
  • We want all set in our offices, but do not clean up our mindset

  • So here is what we found Most of the conventional motivational courses are mere talk. They are one-way lectures. If they are two-way, they are also mere discussions and do not involve your specific problem areas. You will track your own improvement levels and with practice you will also be able to visibly identify your better positive and confident feelings. Most importantly, they do not direct you or coach you to think forward, and search for your solutions abilities

IS Zen In Me A Meditation Course?


Zen In Me is a complete personality development course. Meditation is a major part of the course to help you relax and comprehend. Course is comprised of areas mentioned in MACBAK model. It starts with pre-assessment of your personality which is really very effective way to understand your currents strengths and weaknesses. Followed by other assessments of your nature and personality


Meditation effects are tremendous starting from:

  • Our breathing patterns
  • Internal external body
  • Blood flow
  • Body parts
  • Thoughts
  • Past memories
  • Future targets

  • Dreams
  • Goals
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Physical Intelligence
  • Mental Intelligence
  • Intuition

The Science of Stress

Understand and Use it

Depression and Anxiety

Prescriptions for 64.7m items of antidepressants – an all-time high – were dispensed in England in 2016, the most recent annual data from NHS Digital showed. It floods the brain with dopamine & serotonin.


Meditation not only help relieve the intensity, frequency and duration of migraines, if you add mindfulness during meditation practice, it will guide you other causes of migraines pertaining to you as well as solutions.


Around 1 in 3 people have at least mild insomnia. Many poor sleepers have developed poor sleep habits. Meditation gives you a custom designed time to get rid of stress in the body, so you can use your sleep as a time for sleep.

Better Personal Life

Too much cortisol prevents relaxed moods. Too much adrenaline prevents best moments. If you don’t want to get distracted in your best relationship moments you need to relax and feel better before creating a big problem of simply being stressful.


When the body is in “fight or flight” mode, mental capacity decreases. Meditation reduces stress and allows you to raise the bars to excellence.


Seventy-five percent to 90% of all doctor's office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints. Stress can play a part in problems such as headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis, depression, and anxiety. Getting stressed is not bad for you, staying stressed is toxic

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What Stress Cost You In One Year

Understand and Use It


($0.90 average cup of coffee, 1/day)

Stress full talks at a cup of tea, price not known


($1/pill, 1/day)

If not successful to be relaxed even after pills, that unfortunate


(1 pack a week at $8)

Toxic causes spread in environment and home, can’t be priced


($150 average therapy session, 1/week)

Not taking a therapy has its own cost, can’t be priced here

$99 / GH¢445 ONLY

Full package with money back guarantee


What will you learn?

What is MACBAK Model?

With all my experience and observation, I can say that successful people are the composition of 6 external factors. Mindfulness, Attitude, Communication, Branding, Action and Knowledge. You just observe around you from today, the people you admire most, or are inspired by, they have all or some of these qualities in them. When we try to learn from them and apply those learning on ourselves, we fail. The reason behind it is that what we see are all actually from external perspective and understanding. We do not know what ‘MINDSET’ those inspiring charismatic personalities are holding within themselves.


Mindfulness helps deal with stress in the present moment. In it you are directing your focus which lights up a small part of the brain (the Prefrontal cortex.) Over time this can improve your clarity and focus.


Our Attitude toward situations are based on our neuron interaction inside our minds. Once you start meditation, it will be easier to contemplate well and assess situations for the right decision.


The words we use in our minds for ourselves or others, are highly effective on our moods, decisions as well as health. Dynamic meditation and neuroplasticity. The conversation intelligence could be developed by maximizing Oxytocin.


Mind branding is extremely important. The persona of yourself in your mindset creates your reality of life. Increase the neurons which give you powerful brand of YOURSELF.


Having knowledge how your dreams get manifestation, and how people get success in their goals and not its possible for everyone. Knowledge then leads to manifestation. Manifesting helps you create your goals for the future. This practice helps you clarify your goals and activates the creative center of the brain, also known as the right brain.


Meditation gives the body deep, healing rest to get rid of stress from the past. The technique is one of surrender which lights up the whole brain, but not as brightly as mindfulness. Over time, meditation strengthens the corpus callosum, which can increase creativity.

How Will You Be Able To Perform Like All The Top Performers?

Experience All The Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Meditation. You will certainly live life differently and enjoy life a lot more.

Depression and Anxiety

Positive Mindset helps diverting our thoughts mindfully to what is important instead of being worried of what seems to be important. Zen In Me, helps you clearly see the picture on the canvas and apply the colors you want. Come out of stress and use your mental thoughts for you.

Better Sex

With Zen In Me, you are relaxed. Use meditation and as meditation increases the awareness of your senses, one of the biggest benefits people report is a significant increase in the frequency and quality of their sex lives, mostly with the increase of sensuality and depth in relationship.


Zen In Me gives you many tools to relieve stress efficiently and use it in your favor.

Negotiation skills

Zen In Me gives you strategies to have more choices, which ultimately make you better at negotiation.


A stress free mind could create thousands of creative solutions to many problems. Zen in Me helps in reducing stress and increasing the productivity manifolds.

Better Leadership

Leadership need a great deal of right mindset. Zen In Me transform you into a confident leader and you would be able to deliver a critical presentation, running a contentious meeting, or making a high-stakes strategic decision.

Teaching Mastery

With Zen In Me, you may set your life goals as well. Teachers practicing Zen In Me course, are happier and enjoy their work. Positive teachers and nurture positive kids.

Entrepreneurship skills

Zen in Me provides you physical, mental and emotional intelligence. To be a successful entrepreneur you should top up yourself with an ability to face challenges and have to make decisions.

Overcome sadness

Zen in Me makes you explore your strengths and weaknesses. You become much capable to create your own choice of working on strengths and altering weaknesses into something useful for you. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with sadness, ZenFuz are able to pay careful attention to the emotions that make up their inner world. This helps them overcome grief and sadness much faster.

How We Have Structured The Program Is For Your Better Understanding And Results

What Exactly Do You Get?

  • 3 hours of training with MACBAK technique. Highly scientific approach towards meditation and its benefits
  • Guided meditation specifically designed for your specific needs as an audio download you can use for real life situations
  • 3 Q&A Call sessions with Munnira Sheikh. One in each week
  • E-book on science and arts of meditation. Understand, learn, apply, benefit
  • lifetime of less stress and better performance

About Your Teacher

Munnira Sheikh is in continuous learning & sharing efforts. Courses related to personality development, confidence, finding purpose in life, public speaking abilities, Neuro-linguistic programming and C-IQ mind programming are developed by Munnira Sheikh for practical use of powerful tools in daily life.

Regular Price

$199 / GH¢ 850

Introductory Discount 50% OFF


$99 / GH¢445

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Part 1 : Personality Screening

I have made this one-on-one session special and all about YOU. We would take you through our personality screening test to understand your personality traits and also to bring them in front of you. Once you have clear understanding of what needs to be fix and what powerful gadgets you already have, things will open themselves to you easily.

Highlights include:

  • What kind of personality intelligence you hold? Identify different types of personalities and where do you stand. What you want to be? What are the gaps?
  • We will scan through the lifestyle together and understand areas of influence and areas of deterioration
  • Positive and negative traits
  • Consider what a better life might look like for you
  • Your preliminary goals and feeling about your first step

Part 2 : Your Relationship With Your Goals

I would like to work with you, hand in hand, on your goals. So that the purpose of this discussion is not lecturing or telling you what to do. The purpose is to help you identifying your ways out. Possibilities of reaching your goals. Making your feel the same way what you will feel once you reach your targets.

Highlights include:

  • What is on the cover of your autobiography
  • Practicing Life-Clock exercise
  • Your Journey Track
  • The balance now

Part 3 : Setting everything to “Get-set & Go”

Putting into practice what it takes to transform a mindset into an achiever’s mindset. A mind-set working for your progress every time. A mindset to be with you in time of need, to push you in time of laziness, to support you in difficult circumstances, to be by your side in time of weakness and to hold you in time of pressure.

Highlights include:

  • Arranging a Life in your day
  • Transformation techniques and methods
  • Journaling your progress
  • Becoming a ZenFu to be out of comfort zone
  • Role modelling and planning its impact
  • Mapping your fears to protect you
  • Practicing Journal of all the methods and techniques
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About Your Teacher

I have committed to bring all the knowledge and information I have about coaching, mindset, intelligence, communication and transformation on the front desk for everyone. With the price everyone who is really serious can afford. On my Personal Credentials, I have invested thousands of dollars. I am

  • Certified In Conversational Intelligence (on going)
  • Master in Business Administration
  • Certified Master Practitioner of NLP
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Silva Systems
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Reiki

A coach like me should be charging a higher price for what big plan I am offering. But that will not satisfy my actualization hunger. I want to reach many people. To serve them so that they can fulfill their lives with their goals and targets. I want to create ZenFuz which will then nourish their friends, kids and peers into positive personalities. That is why I am offering this session in a fraction of what expensive sessions are about.

My regular fee is USD 199. But for a limited time I am offering it almost in half of the regular price. That is just $99.You Can Try And Then Pay. I am so sure with this program to bring that enlightening in your personality that you will feel up on the moon. That is why very confidently I can offer you to

  1. Register for the session
  2. Visit me
  3. Make your payment
  4. Have the program
  5. If you feel transformed with new insights and new learning by the end of the program decide to fill our client delighting form
  6. Else, ask for the refund

It is that easy. So book your session now at 0233(0)544338834. You have nothing to lose, but a whole new world to gain just by taking an action

Regular Price

$199 / GH¢ 850

Introductory Discount 50% OFF


$99 / GH¢445

Enrol Now

You will get

  • 3 hours of training with MACBAK technique. Highly scientific approach towards meditation and its benefits

  • Guided meditation specifically designed for your specific needs as an audio download you can use for real life situations

  • 3 Q&A Call sessions with Munnira Sheikh. One in each week

  • E-book on science and arts of meditation. Understand, learn, apply, benefit

  • lifetime of less stress and better performance

Corporate & Business Plan

If you want to apply this entire program to your entire company, write me an email and I will furnish the details on corporate training on Mindset

Frequently Asked Questions
My basic concern is to make my program so powerful and rich for my clients, so it can really speak for itself. For this reason I need to collect results and feedback. Hence, I have reduced the price at utmost least level so everyone can afford it. By doing this, I can serve many many clients as well as with their feedback I also keep improving my product value.
You could end up having wonders and happiness. This program is designed keeping in mind zero-judgment. Every time a new client comes, I take them through the process just as a beginner so I understand deeply the progress and give enough time to the client to comprehend what he or she is going through.
The combination of my certification and experience of intensive working with personal and corporate people have given me an extra EDGE. That is enough to differentiate my take-aways
Yes, but you will be provided with an exercise schedule so that it becomes easier for you to track your progress. After practicing you will notice few positive and helping techniques would be on your finger tip to be used anytime you want. So they will not be necessary to be practiced regularly.
That is why I have packaged 3 Q&A sessions as part of this program which you may take up any time after your personal session. Even then if it is not enough, you may definitely get in touch with me on email, and I will be replying you at earliest.
Not at all. This is your personal coaching session which is very carefully designed. It is not a conventional coaching session. Instead it is working together on your personality and mindset development, which can work for your progress and success both in your personal and professional life.
Yes, 100% sure. That is why I am giving a money back guarantee and you may get your payment refund. You pay, come and attend the program. If you feel as you have not gained the value, you may ask for the repayment immediately after the session.

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